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Q: What materials are used in your combs and hairbrushes?


Our combs are made of cellulose acetate plastic and the logo is stamped with a hot foil.


  • Rubber cushion: Dry Natural Rubber (DNR).
  • Plastic board (handle): cellulose acetate and acrylic plastic.
  • Lightwood Board (handle): two types of wood; London plane or beech.
  • Bristles: we use nylon or natural boar bristle.
  • Our logo is stamped with a hot foil and embedded into the plastic or wood.

Q: How do you source boar bristle?

Our boar bristle is sourced from both India and China and is obtained using two methods:

  1. Collection from the forests and rocky areas surrounding the villages where the wild boars live. During the seasonal moulting process they rub/scratch their backs against trees and rocks. The shed bristle is then collected.
  2. As a by-product of the meat industry from domestic pigs.

The bristle is collected and processed to comply with the EU Regulations on importing Products of Animal Origin.

Animal welfare is very important to us and no animals are harmed for their bristle.

Q: Do your products come with a warranty?

Our products are covered by a 12 Month Limited Warranty. However, this excludes wear and tear encountered during the normal working life of the hair brush and where the ‘Care & Cleaning Guidelines' have not been adhered to.

Please be aware that the warranty starts from the date of purchase so please keep a copy of the original proof of purchase. We are also unable to honour any warranty where your hairbrush has been purchased from an unauthorised retailer. In this instance, matters of your consumer rights are directly between you and the retailer.

Q: Do you have a repair service?

For enquiries concerning the repair of your hairbrush, please email along with your full name, country of residence, proof of purchase, or place and date of purchase, along with hi-resolution images.

Once we have confirmed that we can repair your hairbrush and have provided an indicative quote, you will need to send your hairbrush to us at our factory address:

7 Easter Park,
Ferry Lane South,
Essex RM13 9BP,
United Kingdom.

For reasons of hygiene, all brushes MUST be deposit free and clean when received by us, otherwise we cannot work on them, and will be returned.

Please DO NOT send your hairbrush in without first contacting us in order to save you time and expense.

Q: Have I purchased an original Mason Pearson product?

Firstly, please ensure you purchase from an authorised retailer.

If you are still concerned, one of our senior brushmakers would need to examine the evidence you can provide. Please email with the following information:

  • your full name, country of residence
  • proof of purchase, or place and date of purchase
  • high resolution images of the product and packaging

We will review the above information and be in touch.

Q: Is my new hairbrush causing my hair to be static?

The bristle and nylon are dry when the hairbrush is new. These need to absorb some of the natural oils and moisture from your hair. After a while, the hair should settle down.

When you wash your hair, along with the removal of unwanted dirt, you also lose the hair’s natural oils and moisture. The more often you wash your hair the longer it will take for the bristle/ nylon to be able to absorb the oil and moisture from your hair. The bristle and the hair it is brushing both become conditioned during the brushing process.

There are other circumstances that can also have an effect regarding static as follows:

Fly away hair and static can occur to different degrees: in winter, when the air is generally dry due to the lack of natural humidity, especially so in centrally heated buildings; in the summer, when any significant length of time is spent in air-conditioned buildings; and when wearing clothing made from man-made fibres.

Q: Do you offer a personalisation or engraving service?

We do not at present provide this service ourselves. There are some companies that personalise our hairbrushes by painting names and designs on the back of our hairbrushes. The hairbrush usually has to be purchased from the painter and invariably can only be done on Ivory White handles.

We do not guarantee their work & painting the hairbrush also will cancel any warranty we provide.

For further information contact

Q: Can I purchase your hairbrushes online?

We shall soon be providing this service via our website.

In the meantime please purchase from an authorised UK retailer on our stockist page.

If you are enquiring from outside the UK, please contact our distributor for your country, who can provide a list of the local stockists.

Q: I have a press enquiry?

Leonie Onslow
Tel: 01428 870180

Outside the UK?

Please contact our distributor for the country you require. Contact details can be found on our stockist page.

Q: How can I purchase a handmade lightwood hairbrush?

Our lightwood backed hairbrushes are made to order.

For a brochure and price list please email our sales office

Download our brochure - PDF