Choosing a Hairbrush

Brushing your hair can be a pleasurable and very personal experience, some would even describe it as sensual. Many people savour those few moments of the day when they can enjoy a little pampering.

Our classic hairbrushes are made to suit a variety of hair types and lengths, so there is something to suit every individual. It is also important to choose the correct size for ease and comfort of use, and naturally everyone wants their hairbrush to look good too, so there is a range of colours from which to choose.


Your hair type

You want your hair to look and feel its best and nature determines the texture of your hair, its natural elasticity and growth rate. All its other qualities depend largely on how and how often you use a good hairbrush. The first step in selecting the right hairbrush is in identifying your hair type as this will determine the best choice of tuft.

Over many years our customers have told us that, in general, they use:

  • Bristle tufts for fine to normal hair
  • Bristle and nylon tufts for normal to thick or long hair
  • Nylon tufts for thick or wiry hair

Use our handy sliding guide tool to see which is likely to be the brush most suited to your hair type. Choose from fine to thick (this relates to the actual width of individual hairs), thin to full-bodied (this relates to the texture of your overall head of hair), straight to curly and short to long hair.

A popular addition to the Bristle Tufts range is a ‘Sensitive’ brush developed for people who have thinning hair or very fine hair. This brush gently stimulates the scalp.


The size of the brush

Choosing the right size of hairbrush depends largely on the size of your hand - you will want the brush to be held comfortably in your hand while you brush or style your hair.

Our Ladies’ brushes are made in four sizes – Large, Medium, Handy and Pocket and the Men’s brushes in two sizes - Large and Medium in the Military Style.

We have also produced a ‘Child’ Pocket size in response to popular demand. This enables a child between the age of 3 and 6 to become accustomed to the activity of brushing their hair.

In general, the longer the hair the bigger the brush required, however, if you are more comfortable with a smaller brush, it may be necessary to use a smaller ‘mixture’ model instead of a larger pure bristle one.


Choice of colour

Our brushes with handles come in four attractive colours; choose from Dark Ruby, Ivory White, Pink or Blue.

If you’re choosing a military style, without handles, the colour options are Dark Ruby or Ivory White.

Light Wood backs are available with large and medium sizes on request.

Whichever brush you decide to invest in, its life will be prolonged through a simple but important maintenance programme. Click here to learn more.